It has been a shamefully long time.

I took some time off of writing when the holidays hit. Then I took more time off when a music-related bug bit me. Then there was getting the garden in. Then there was a family wedding. And behind all of that was a different sort of writing project!

I just finished editing a novel for a dear friend, and even though it took me a couple months I’m quite sorry to be done with it. Such a delightful and engaging piece of writing! She’s hoping to self-publish it later this summer, and you can bet I’ll keep you all informed. I hope she writes more. 😀

As for me, I’ve been thinking about my works in progress, and I still plan to plug away at them. The thought came to me a few days ago, however, that I should like to write a new book. I wrote all of my WIPs as a teenager or as a still-young thing in college. My life has changed incredibly over the last 7 years (marriage and 4 kids and all), and my outlook on life has changed with it. Sometimes it’s hard to work on the early stories, because most the time I feel like I was a silly girl who didn’t really have a clue. I could change it–make it better–but then I would know it would no longer be true to what my 15 year old self or 18 year old self or 21 year old self intended for the words.

Sometimes I wonder if I think too much. 😛

All this to say, I hope to be back here more often now. Until the next distraction comes along…

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