I’ve got it!

Not too long after writing the last post, I found myself browsing through my binders of WIPs, looking for inspiration. Help. Something.

Then I landed on a piece-meal story that started out as a dream and grew into a little more. Based on the date on the original section, I was 18 when I wrote it. As I read through the snippets, I realized that my younger self had more relationship insight than I remembered. Not only that, certain elements felt eerily familiar. They mirrored closely how The Dearliest and I interacted during our friendship and courtship, and that’s when it occurred to me to blend the old with the new!

So now I’m working on binding the story together. My young self wrote the major plot points already (as such they are…once you reach the top rung, the story is little more than a romance), but there’s all the in-between stuff yet to do. And an end. Like most dreams, I woke up before the end, but fortunately I have experience to draw from now and an end shouldn’t be too difficult.

On that note, I would like to complain that the first section happens at a flooding church and the second section happens at a flooding hospital. It took me THREE DAYS to write the characters from one scene to the other. This has the foreshadowing of being much more difficult than I first supposed, but I will persevere. Anita must meet her John.

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