AtS Update

So, there will be a bit of a break between the stories for a couple reasons. The sequel wasn’t flowing the way it should, and while I’ve come up with a fix, it requires going back to near the beginning and re-working some stuff throughout the storyline. Shortly after I undertook the change, a wildfire forced my attention onto other things. Like needing to be ready to evacuate. A chain reaction began, and while the fire is now gone we’re continuing to pack up the house and move off our mountainside.

Instead of writing 2-3 pages a day, I’m writing 2-3 sentences. Some days I’m not able to pick up the pen at all. Re-working the story is going to be a long process, but I am still working on it and it’s coming together very smoothly. I’m hopeful that I can start releasing installments in another couple weeks.

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