Writing on Research: Hypothermia from Water Submersion

tmp_9796-water-4188_1280420314986How quickly does hypothermia come on after cold water submersion? At what temperature is hypothermia a higher risk? How quick is recovery from mild hypothermia?

These are just a few of the questions I needed to answer for my book. Fortunately it’s one of those topics that doesn’t really change with time, although the answers do vary based on specific conditions.

I found the answers to my questions and lots of other useful information in these links.

Hypothermia Prevention: Survival in Cold Water (Minnesota Sea Grant)

This site is one of many that includes a “how long can a person survive in cold water” table.

Teaching the Cold Facts (Beyond Cold Water Boot Camp)

Includes more videos and graphs than most of the other sites I found. I sometimes need the visuals to understand new ideas, so this was helpful.

Hypothermia (Wikipedia)


Water Temperature Table for All Coastal Regions (NOAA)

If your water situation occurs in the ocean, this seems a valuable tool.

See the (short but growing) complete list of researched topics here.

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