Capture of a Waiting Room

One day my minivan needed its tires rotated and wheels aligned. I made my appointment, scheduled a babysitter, then off I went, completely forgetting that these sorts of things can take time.

When I heard “3 hour wait,” I inwardly cringed. I had no book to read. No yarn to crochet. No smart phone to play on.

Fortunately, I always have a small notepad in my purse. And pens. I spent the first 20 minutes writing down lists to better organize my life. I studied the finished products proudly, eager to make my life as good as it looked on paper. (Ha. Haha.)

Then I sighed, looked at the clock, and did the only thing I could think of: I sketched where I was. 


This is one them, which up until yesterday actually lived on my fridge door. Not that I was that proud of it, but for months it served as two reminders. Firstly, you can always be better prepared. Secondly, if unpreparedness catches you, use what you have as best you can.

Is there a time you thought you were prepared for something but discovered you actually weren’t? I would love to hear about it (and how you resolved it) in the comments.

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