Writing on Research: Running Track & Field (Diagram)

I landed in the boat right where I was supposed to, but then an old hurdling injury reminded my knees why I didn’t jump anymore. (Novel, WIP)



One of my characters has a history in track & field. I couldn’t rely on my 15 year old memory to accurately recall details of my personal experience, so I set out to research!

Department of Sport and Recreation (Government of Western Australia)

I found this site helpful because my character tends to measure distances in her daily life based on track measurements, and the diagrams here were a little more specific and larger (and easier to read) than other sites. This link also gives details on the various track events.

Track and Field Dimensions (iSport)tmp_9843-track-740862_1280-1536842581

This site includes details (and printable diagrams) on the inner field sports as well as the jumps and track events. I needed info on hurdling specifically, so I appreciated the discipline specific diagrams.

If you have researched this topic and found other helpful links, please leave them in a comment!

See the (short but growing) complete list of researched topics here.

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