Writing on Research: Car Crash (Broadside/ T-Bone, SUV)

One of my books begins with a broadside crash involving an SUV, but since I’ve never been in a crash or seen much outside of movies, I needed to learn more about the physics involved, common injuries, and how do airbags work anyway?


Crashing SUVs (WickenburgNews.com)

A detailed cross-comparison of SUV crash tests, including but not limited to broadside. Includes specific models and where they rate on the safety scale.

Side Impact Injury (Car-AccidentLawyers.com)
A general list of injuries commonly received in a broadside crash and related symptoms.

Side Collision (Wikipedia)

Contains a general overview as well as charts of how different vehicles scored in the testing and where they fall on the safety scale. Two charts: Newer Cars (after 2011) and Older Cars (before 2011).

How Airbags Work (HowStuffWorks.com)

This covers airbags in detail. It also explains how the laws of motion work on passengers during a crash.

A collection of side impact stories. (Car-Accidents.com)
Some of the personal accounts are quite detailed (consider this as much a warning as anything else), and they all include pictures of the cars involved.

A collection of side impact injury claim stories. (AllAboutCarAccidents.com)

No photos, just a collection of short stories detailing the types of injuries sustained. Beware all the suggestions to talk to a car accident lawyer.

If you researched this topic and found other helpful links, please leave them in a comment!

See the (short but growing) complete list of research topics here.

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