Out of the Archives: Redundant Man (Comic)

Here I am, four months of morning sickness later! Baby #6 is healthy and kicking away, and I am feeling better and slowly edging my way back into routine. And writing. I didn’t do any writing for four months, but it was good to have the break. 

I suppose there was one exception, if you can call it writing. I found myself waiting in the car one day with the kiddos, and the need arose to entertain the four year old a bit, so I pulled out my notepad and pen.

“What shall I draw?” I said.

“Redundant Man!” he exclaimed.

I blinked. I hadn’t drawn Redundant Man in years. I vaguely recalled showing the kids the original strips (created when I was around 15) some time in the last 2 years, but I had no idea he remembered.

The other kids agreed enthusiastically with his request, and so the first RM strip in about 10 years came to be.




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