Writing on Research: Shoes (Italian, Platform vs. Wedge)


Platforms (Photo: Pixabay)

Sometimes I end up ​doing half an hour of research for one sentence. Sometimes the process frustrates me, but in the end I get the satisfaction of knowing that part, at least, wasn’t made up.


Top Ten Italian Shoemakers (italymagazine.com)

A good starting point for researching high-end, expensive, Italian-made shoes. From there I went to the different companies’ websites until I found the one that best matched my character’s sense of fashion.

Platform Vs. Wedge (answers.yahoo.com)


Wedges (Photo: Pixabay)

This may be picking at straws, but I did want to understand the difference. This helped. Doing separate image searches of “platform shoe” and “wedge shoe” helped further.


If you researched this topic and found other helpful links, please leave them in a comment!

See the (short but growing) complete list of research topics here.

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