Works In Progress (WIPs)tmp_11032-img_1066_resize-1116351587

A series of children’s books featuring the adventures of a young girl and her flying horse. I wrote the originals when I was 8. Status: Two of five stories completed.

An action/adventure novel with a side of romance. Special forces guy foils evil and meets girl. Very loosely based on someone I know. Status: Fourth draft done. Balking at the scary step of letting someone else read it.

A sort-of-but-not-really historical novel involving a hidden princess, early printing presses, and Bible smuggling. Status: First draft half done.

A non-fiction narrative of our 3 years living on the mountain. Stories of nature (bears! wolves! mudslides! wildfires!), stories of family (months with 13 in the house, a baby born in the cabin, several months of cooking without an oven). Status: Research stage. Reading the old journals and sorting the pictures.

More coming soon?