Research Resources

Know What You Write


“Write what you know” is all well and good, right up until you reach the end of your knowledge. “Know what you write”  is my preferred motto. Take the time, learn something new, and expand your writing abilities!

I do a lot of research when I write, but it wasn’t until recently that it occured to me that others might be asking similar questions and need similar answers. As such I’ve begun to compile links by topic in the hopes they will prove useful to others.

Happy researching!


Car Chase (how to write)

Car Crash (Broadside/ T-Bone, SUV)


Exclamations (non-profane, non-vulgar)


Handgun (Cleaning, Field Strip)
Hypothermia (in cold water)


Shoes (Italian, Platform vs. Wedge)


Track & Field (diagrams and event disciplines)